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摘要:澳门葡亰娱乐场手机版, 大家,代表Box梅尔市市政坛,非常荣耀地在这里时,付与孙卓章先生Box梅尔市荣誉城里人身份。 以中中原人民共和国书法和绘美术大师孙卓章命名的美术馆及

澳门葡亰娱乐场手机版,  大家,代表Box梅尔市市政坛,非常荣耀地在这里时,付与孙卓章先生Box梅尔市荣誉城里人身份。

  以中中原人民共和国书法和绘美术大师孙卓章命名的美术馆及其个人书法绘绘画艺术术展览于2013年10月9日在NetherlandsBox梅尔市揭幕。  博克斯梅尔市参谋长Carl范索斯特,副参谋长度约瑟德格夫主持了开幕以至向孙卓章公布荣誉都市人证书的隆重仪式。  应邀光降的国内贵宾及荷兰王国、德意志联邦共和国、法兰西、意大利共和国、Belgium等非洲国度的宾客7百余名加入了典礼。  从前,在阿拉木图开设的孙卓章书法绘绘画艺术术展览上,荷兰王国王后MarkLevin光降加入了开幕仪式,游历了展览,并表示Netherlands皇宫珍藏了孙卓章的一枝春文章。  孙卓章以其美术创作的构图、用笔、色彩融入着中西艺术成分,以其书法篆刻文章有所原汁原味的中华金钱观意味,赢得了Netherlands及亚洲各种职业职员的怜爱。  Box梅尔市分界德意志联邦共和国,市内具备世界超级的治疗、美容机构及世界最高等次的肿瘤医署,各样奶制品以其高格调超过于世。国际白金水道、古老美丽的黄河流经市内,更增加了尽头的魔力。国际化、今世化、多种化的中度文明使Box梅尔市改为名牌亚洲的意气风发座宜居城市。  孙卓章水墨画馆座落于Box梅尔市被称作权族区的桑北克区,前身为富有百多年慈善美誉的Claus特大修院。Box梅尔市政党历经论证,经议会及公共听证会批准,通过了将Claus特大修院全体建筑群落免费捐献孙卓章构建孙卓章油画馆的决定。  孙卓章水墨画馆占地1.5公顷,约5千平方米的建筑群落掩映在世纪珍贵稀少古树花园中,气势恢宏。是当代中华书法和绘美术大师在世界上具有的最大的私人商品房水墨画馆。  荷兰是友好邻邦的和谐国家,是华夏在欧洲联盟的第二大交易同伙。适逢中荷建立外交关系40周年之际,孙卓章雕塑馆的树立,对中荷、中西民间艺术沟通,无疑是一个美好的进献。  正如Box梅尔市政坛在赠送决定中所说:我们意在孙卓章雕塑馆会化为连年中国与Netherlands的黄金年代座桥梁。大家有理由相信,那少年老成被标注为圣地之处,今后注入了中荷友好的秘诀成分后,一定会精气神儿出生机勃勃的骄矜。


  The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a traditional friendly state to China and it is the second largest trading partner within the European Union. The founding of SUN ZHUOZHANG Gallery concurs with the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and China and undoubtedly is a marvellous contribution to the artistic exchange between the people of both countries and between China and the West.


  The city council stated in its decision for the grant: We hope that SUN ZHUOZHANG Gallery will be a bridge that connects the Peoples Republic of China to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We are right in believing that this iconic holy place will have a fantastic future now that it has been injected with both friendship and art from the Netherlands and China.


  The Mayor Karel van Soest and Vice Mayor Jos de Graaf, hosted the grand opening ceremony and issued a certificate of Honorable Citizenship of Boxmeer to Mr SUN. There were over 700 guests invited to join this ceremony from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, etc.


  SUN ZHUOZHANG Gallery is located in the Sambeek area, named as Hof van Sambeek. It has previously been a charitable and beautiful convent for many years. After a public hearing, and the approval from the municipality, it was decided to grant this building to Mr SUN for the establishment of SUN ZHUOZHANG Gallery.


  SUN ZHUOZHANG Gallery, named after the famous Chinese artist, SUN ZHUOZHANG, was opened in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, on Nov 9th, 2012.

  SUN ZHUOZHANG Gallery covers an area of 1.5 hectares. The group of buildings with a surface of approximately 5000 m2 are situated within a splendid natural park. This is the biggest personal Gallery in contemporary Chinese art sphere.

  In the previous year, in the exhibition hosted in Den Haag, Dutch Queen Maxima attended and collected one piece of Mr SUNs art work on behalf of the royal family.

  Boxmeer is bordering with Germany, and is renowned for its first-rate institutions for medical care and cosmetology. Its oncological health campus is of the highest standard, and its dairy products are leading in the world. The ancient and beautiful Maas River is floating past the city, adding to its charm. Globalisation, modernisation and diversification have turned the highly civilised city of Boxmeer into one of Europes most liveable cities.